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Muslims are people, who have committed themselves to submission to God’s will as expressed in the Holy Qur’an, the revelations given to the Blessed Prophet Muhammad, and by studying his way of life.  They are people who are aware of the reality of the existence of God, and this awareness (or ihsan) leads to a deepened consciousness of the importance and meaningful of the gift of human life and the responsibilities that go with it.


 Belief is the key to the Muslim way of life.  That moment when true belief dawns in a Muslim’s consciousness and takes hold of the Muslims heart is only the beginning of a long spiritual journey.  The effort to live in accordance with God’s will is known as the Greater Jihad, there are two aspects to it – firstly, a person ‘s developing religious devotion and the ritual practice of the five pillars of the faith of Islam, and secondly, the practical everyday manner in which one strives to put the principles of faith into practice.  Beliefs in God make a person aim high, and try to live in the best possible way with the best possible character.

   The road of life is known in Islam as the Shari’ah.  One must search for it and follow it, through all life’s tests and temptations, difficulties and tragedies, consciously considering in every situation what the will of God would be for any individual at any given moment.

  The aim of the site  is to show how Muslims strive to bring God – consciousness (taqwa) into every area of their daily lives, from the important and profound to the mundane and simple tasks; and in this devotion and urge to serves, striving for the greater pleasure of their Lord, they find their own fulfillment and happiness.