IslamWord, words teaching the good Saturday, 04 from June 2011

There is one famous Iranian story that certainly ‘opens the gates’ involving a dog and a goat, and makes gentle fun of the attitude of mind that is so over – devout it can never ‘get on with it.’


      Supporting a person had become ritually clean by performing wudu, but was then splashed by water from an unseen source above?  Looking up once can see a wet dog shaking itself on the roof of the house.  If the water has come from this dog, the person has been defiled, since the dog is a contaminating animal.  It seems obvious that the water did come from the dog,  but who knows?  Only Allah knows the full story.


      Don’t making assumptions based on ignorance.  Maybe there is also a wet goat on the roof, which, being a clean animal would not render the person ritually unclean.  The fact that no one has seen such a goat is irrelevant.  The continuity of the known condition (the person’s cleanliness takes a merciful legal precedence over an assumption based on an uncertain point (that the water came from the dog) – therefore one could say “insah’Allah, buz bud” –god wiling, it was the goat.’


      To cynics, however, the expression soon became the saying for all occasion when someone did not want to face reality!  It is important for Muslims to face situations of uncertainty honestly and boldly, and to do the best that they can in all circumstances.