IslamWord, words teaching the good Saturday, 04 from June 2011

In Islam, marriage is a partnership.  A husband is not a master – Muslim women accept only Allah as their Master, and have the right to over-rule him or disobey him if he wants them to o anything against the wishes of Allah.  Therefore Muslim wives do not consider themselves to be inferior to a husband.


            ‘And the believers, men and women, are friends of one another.  They enjoin good and forbid evil’. (9:71)


            Islamic marriage is a legal and binding contract between two people who accept each other with a mutual commitment to take no other sexual partner, and to live together according to the teaching of Islam.  If either husband or wife departs from Islam, and life becomes uncomfortable for the other partner, then divorce is considered permissible.


            Abdullah b. Umar recorded: ‘Every one of you is a shepherd, and is responsible for his flock.  A ruler is a shepherd and is accountable for his domain.  A ruler is a shepherd in charge of the inhabitants of her husband’s house and children, and she is responsible for them; a man’s slave is a shepherd in charge of his master’s property, and he is responsible for it,’ (Bukhari, Abu Dawud 2922)