IslamWord, words teaching the good Saturday, 04 from June 2011

What kinds of situations would require the positive action of Muslims? Muslims should be slow to anger, slow to take anger, slow to take offence.  Nevertheless they have a responsibility as human being as Allah khalfahs on earth not to blink the eye at injustice suffering 


            Firstly all Muslims should find the courage to rise in defense of the cause of Allah.  To refuse to do this would be a major weakness.  Consider how we would behave if one of offer help and support.  If we just ignored them and allowed them to be harassed and insulated, we would be very poor friends.  And who is our chief Friend, the One who loves us most of All? Mulims do not need to be told that this onour I precarious 


            However this does not mean that if we hear or see some ignorant persons being abusive about Allah or Islam that we leap upon them and beat them up, or even kill them.  The Prophet set us the very clear example of never doing that, but of accepting insults and abuse patently, and with dignity – showing by example how Islam was greater and more noble than the ravings and cruelties of its oppressors.


            Allah does not need us to defend Him.  It would be a very simple matte for Him to wipe out His ‘enemies’ with a mere breath.  The fact that He does not do so is a sign to and hate the wrong ding and the offensive behavior but not the person and not mean attracts and verndaecne nonfoods autistic and her head who should be look don with compassion rather than hatred and are in need of saving from the terrible doom that may await them if they do not change their character.


            What sort of matters require the action of the Mulims? There are many.  They include any action in defense of a person ‘s hour to protect home and family ad other loved ones, or any other wronged individual.


            In every case it is always to be hoped that the outcome of justice will be forgiveness and a return to peace.