About us

general aims :

  • The definition of Islam and the consolidation of its principles and response to suspicions raised around it.
  • To promote the Islamic identity of Muslims, and to build a distinctive and creative Muslim character according to a moderate and moderate approach.
  • The call to sit in the Book and Sunnah and correct the doctrine, and purify the religion of the Circassians and the innovations and desires and delusions.
    To promote a culture of constructive dialogue, cooperation on righteousness and piety with all religions, cultures, individuals and institutions, highlighting common denominators, and promoting human values ​​consistent with the purposes of Islamic law.
    To take care of Muslim issues and to connect with Muslim minorities in the world and to respond to their hopes and pains.
    Care for the jurisprudence of Muslim minorities according to the original scientific approach depends on the most correct of the words and take into account the privacy of the place and the situation.
    Studying the jurisprudential tendencies and clarifying the legitimate position of contemporary issues and its developments.
    To create a comprehensive and comprehensive encyclopedia of contemporary Islamic fatwas, and serve them scientifically and technically to make them useful and accessible.
    Responding to referendums and consultations, and responding to people’s concerns and explaining the legal approach in solving their problems.
    The dissemination of Islamic knowledge and facilitate access to it, and the definition of advocates and scientists trust, and facilitate communication between them and with them,